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Martin 16 Sailboat

Able Sail NL Martin 16 sailboat at Quidi Vidi Lake
Able Sail NL has two Martin 16 sailboats designed and equipped for young people and adults with disabilities.

The Martin 16 is specifically equpiied for people with physical disabilities. It is currently used in adapted sailing programs around the world for recreational sailing, learn-to-sail programs, and racing.

SAFETY: The Martin 16 has an unsinkable hull with 1,100 lbs internal foam flotation. The high-freeboard hull is designed for performance and safety.

The Martin 16 online:
About the Martin 16 - KAPE Boatworks
Martin 16 - Safety & Comfort Responsive Sailing - History of the Martin 16 - KAPE Boatworks

Access Hansa 2.3m Sailboat

Able Sail NL Optimist sailboat at Quidi Vidi Lake
Able Sail Nl has two Access Hansa 2.3 Wide sailing dingys fitted for use by an instructor and student.

Simplicity of rig and steering, along with a ballasted centreboard and roller reefing make the 2.3 Wide an ideal entry level craft that can be easily handled by a novice sailor. The Hansa 2.3 is an ISAF Class with regular National, Continental and World Championships.

SAFETY: Access Hansa 2.3 Wide hull has positive buoyancy & heavily rockered for easy manoeuvrability. With a s ballasted centreboard and seating designed to keep the sailor’s weight low in the boat, the 2.3 Hansa is virtually uncapsizable.

The Access Hansa 2.3 Wide online:
Hansa Sailing: 2.3 Wide

Trimaran “Sparkler”

Able Sail NL Trimaran “Sparkle” at RNYC dock
The Able Sail NL trimaran “Sparkle” provides ocean sailing experience.

The Able Sail NL trimaran “Sparkler” offers the opprtunity for ocean sailing experiences for Able Sail NL Clients.

SAFETY: The Sparkle is a proven seaworthy and stable 28 ft. 6 in. trimaran designed by Hartley Boats of New Zealand. The overall beam is 15 ft. 9 in. with a main hull beam of 7 ft. The boat has a large dry cockpit and ample unobstructed deck space.

Coach Boat

Able Sail NL coach boat at RNYC dock
The Able Sail Nl Coach Boat provides on-the-water supervision and rescue capability.

The Whaly 500R Professional is an incredibly strong, double-walled robust boat manufactured from high-grade Polyethylene. It's almost unsinkable and indestructible! This boat is low-maintenance and is produced in 100% colour-fast Polyethylene. This version is even stronger and has a foam layer on the interior, making it the preferred choice for professional use as a workboat. The Whaly 500R is a preferred boat for Search & Rescue operations worldwide.

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